Installation, research
A Sense of Gravity goes in première at STRP Biennale on the 30st of March 2019. This immersive installation offers you the sensational bodily experience of defying gravity. The project A Sense of Gravity started with Teun asking himself: How can I challenge the logic of gravity, of the bodily perception of gravity, with a […]
During a residency in Shanghai, Teun Vonk discovered by chance that it eased his stressed body and mind to apply physical pressure to his body. Contrary to what one may expect, the registration of sensory input does not improve in a heightened state of sensitivity, such as stress. Such a state serves the evolutionary purpose […]
Installation, Video
This project revolves around the physically dominant appearance of a group motorcyclists that is challenged by means of a controlled game. Teun Vonk developed a computer-controlled arm with a camera that dictates the increase and decrease of acceleration and imposes the direction of the cyclist by means of a spotlight. With this set-up, the artists […]
research, Residence, Video
Impression of Teun Vonk’s residency at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai (CN) in 2015.
12 channel installation Loop HD1080 In collaboration with Showband O.M. 
O.M. is an abbreviation for the neighbourhood Oud-Mathenesse in Rotterdam where all the band members live and where they use the community centre to rehearse. The individual videos of these marching band members disconnect their movement from the rhythm of the group, while this movement […]
Photography, research, Video
Suame Magazine in Kumasi, Ghana is an area that organized itself completely around the recycling of imported second-hand cars. There are 200,000 artisans working in 12,000 workshops, stores and factories. Set Up Shop is an interdisciplinary project aiming to produce an African concept car in collaboration with the local community to get an understanding of […]
HD1080 Video loop Video-installation consisting of three separate works. Two films are projected large-scale and a triptych is presented on three smaller screens. All films are looped, the triptych is synchronized. Eendracht maakt macht is the result of a series of experiments about group-dynamics, direction, power and control.
HD1080 video loop Recording of an action: a game of musical chairs played by employees. This action has been performed by employees of a jeweler that went bankrupt, a public service channel that had to make cuts and a ministry that was going to merge.  The exhibition of the work was accompanied by a printed […]
HD 1080 multiscreen video installation. Video-installation with five screens. In the films different instrument-groups of a band play their scores of the song C’est la Vie, partially scrapped by Vonk. The video-loops are not synchronised, which brings the composition in a constant state of flux. Webversie gepubliceerd door de VPRO: