New project: Enfolding Space
mei 1, 2019 4:18 pm

18 May 2019
smART! XTRA 4.0
Trafó House, Budapest


Behind the scenes, Studio Tony Spark is developing a brand new project called Enfolding Space.


We spend most of our everyday life in static interiors. In rooms that are angular shaped, with levelled, even floors and confined by straight walls. But imagine an architectural space that is dynamic instead. A flexible space that shapes itself according to your body and your movements. With his newest project Enfolding Space, Dutch artist Teun Vonk experiments with creating architectural space of truly human proportions, that engages the sensibility of the entire body. With his team, the artist is developing a material that is fluid, intuitive and playful, and has the potency to change the way you think about architecture forever.


During smART! XTRA 4.0 at Trafó House in Budapest, the audience becomes part of the research. You can play and experiment with a brand new material that the team is currently developing, and the artist will use your feedback and experiences to develop the prototype for Enfolding Space. More information on Trafo’s website and the Facebook event.

Many thanks to let it be! art agency.