The Physical Mind @ STRP Biënnale
februari 20, 2017 9:26 am

24 March – 2 April
STRP Biennale
Klokgebouw Zone 2&3, Eindhoven

With its approximate 30,000 visitors over a span of 10 days, STRP Biënnale stands amongst the world’s ten leading festivals on creative technology. Over time our audience has come to appreciate STRP’s installations, performances, lectures and workshops as much as they love the music. Talented young makers are shown next to famous pioneers within the field. STRP offers artists from all disciplines assignments for new pieces and challenges her audiences to not only look and listen, but also to experiment themselves.

STRP Biënnale’s hybrid program makes it unique to both young and old, layman and professional. STRP is characterised by its accessibility, enticing content, drive for curiosity and international appeal. STRP is the supercollider between creativity and technology within Eindhoven’s DNA. STRP distinguishes itself by relating contemporary themes to a curious audience and as such make future tangible in the now.

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